The «Cumbre Vieja» Volcano social association was created to face the misinformation in general regarding any type of social assistance and the dubious way of properly managing the offered resources, both in the present and in the future by the different public administrations. With the need to change the legislation not only for this disaster but for others that may come, here or anywhere in the Canary Islands, Spain or Europe, we are trying to set a precedent that can helps us and with which we can help. 


The Association is created with the intention of uniting all the affected and unaffected inhabitants of the VALLE (uniting El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane and Tazacorte), as well as the rest of the Island of La Palma, to face a disaster like this, where all of the inhabitants of the Valle are directly affected and all the inhabitants of La Palma are indirectly affected.